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    Now owned by Seb Dymond

  • Latest Gym Equipment to arrive:

    We have just taken delivery of a brand new Pec Deck and a Plate loaded Lat pull over! We are also now pleased to announce we have a brand new Buffalo Squat Bar!

More About Us

Our aim at Legends.

Legends gym is an 'old school' gym. The sort of gym that icons of the golden age of lifting would have chosen to train at. Role models such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Bill Kazmaier. Situated in Bishopsworth, Bristol, Legends caters for all your gym needs. With facilities and equipment for, and staff experienced in bodybuilding, strongman, and fitness there isn’t a goal that we can’t help you achieve, even if that goal is just to feel good.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 2pm

Instagram: legends.bristol

Fully Custom machines

The drive to have the best possible equipment at legends gym has proven to be a challenge. A challenge that was until Legends employed the skills of Watsons gym equipment, who have met all our high spec requirements, building all their equipment from scratch at their local factory.

Old School Dumbbells

There aren’t many people who can press 90kg dumbbells. But at Legends gym at least you have the opportunity to! Because at Legends we have the heaviest dumbbells in the South West. And if you’re not quite ready for that, then we offer weights ranging from 1 – 90kg all built in the traditional old school solid iron way.

Eleiko Calibrated plates

We have a comprehensive range of calibrated steel Eleiko power lifting plates. They are built and coloured in accordance with the Global Power Lifting Alliance and International Power lifting Federation for easy identification and use. Our plates range from 500 grams to 25 kilograms. Fractional plates being essential in enable you to make the small improvements in your power lifting programs all the while safe in the knowledge that the weight on the bar is the weight you are lifting, a must for your Personal best or pre competition lifts

Olympic Bumper Plates

Made from solid Rubber the Bison™ Olympic Bumper Plates are of a durable design. This means they can be lifted overhead or dropped from that heavy dead lift without damaging either the floor or the weights, a must for any power/Olympic lifter

Cardiovascular Facilities

Although Legends Gym is primarily an old school lifting Gym we want to make sure every members needs are met, therefore we have a small dedicated area for cardio training. Whether you require a spin bike, cross trainers, Stair Master or a tread mill we have them all.

Strongman & Powerlifting

Texas Dead lift bar, Texas 25kg Squat bar, Texas Power lifting bar, Eleiko Power lifting bar, Buffalo Squat bar and a Rogue Safety Squat bar. Here at Legends Gym we have the bars, platforms, benches and cages to support all your lifts. Strongman equipment although not as technical is no less important. And with a full range of stones, yoke, farmers, sled, prowler and logs available for all to use, you can be sure to improve all aspects of your strongman training.


At Legends we offer a flexible no-contract "Pay as you train" membership. We don't believe in locking our members into contracts. For added convenience we have a direct debit option and card machine.

  • Per-Session - £5.00

  • Per-Month - £30.00 (£25 Direct Debit/Standing Order)

  • 10 Session Card - £35.00 (£25 Direct Debit/Standing Order)

  • Per-Year - £300.00

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